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Partnering With Schools

The Vermont Book Of Days was born from the idea of producing the program for mass media, sharing these incredible stories with the general public. Of course, it didn't take long before we realized the potential for these to be used in Vermont classrooms. VBD was dedicated to providing resources to schools throughout Vermont.

The Vermont Book Of Days shared stories about historic figures, events, and locations in a short spanse of time, perfect for a daily exercise in the classroom, a bulletin board, weekly handout, or personal reference. With these exercises in mind, we were pleased to provide easily downloadable PDF files each week for educational purposes.

We have heard from numerous teachers and librarians about these resources. If you have stories to tell about how you used these guides, we would love to hear them. Thank you for sharing Vermont history with your students, bringing Vermont history home!

The Vermont Book Of Days is your guide to each day in Vermont history.




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