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November 22

November 22, 1819

A Shoreham boy becomes the Presbyterian pastor for Washington, D.C.,
and speaks out during dangerous times.


Byron Sunderland was born in Shoreham on this day in 1819. He graduated from Middlebury, and then from the Union Theological Seminary.

Sunderland was pastor of the Presbyterian church in Batavia and then Syracuse, New York.

He served 45 years as Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Washington D.C. Sunderland spoke privately about Christian philosophy with Lincoln. He served as Chaplain of the U.S. Senate, and presided over the wedding of President Grover Cleveland at the White House.

Notably, he preached in favor of abolition, at a time, and in a place, where it was dangerous to do so.

Image courtesy the Vermont Historical Society.


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Vermont Book Of Days - Byron Sunderland

Byron Sunderland of Shoreham became a leader in the Presbyterian Church.



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